Doing The Basement Floor In Ceramic

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Ceramic is a material of choice to do the basement floors of most homes.  There are a number of strong points to completing a floor in ceramic and particularly one of the basement ones. The tiles render the floor scratch proof, impervious to moisture, seals in the floor etc.

No doubt ceramic flooring is one of the most expensive ones to be had at any time. But there is little to compensate for the kind of looks that a well laid ceramic floor provides the premise most of the time.


How to lay out a ceramic floor on the basement

The basement is one of the toughest places to lay out the tiles and thus certain minimum standards needs to be used in the laying of the same.

  • Preparing the floor base

The floor of the basement has to be leveled and sufficient roughage applied to the surface to help the ceramic tiles to bite into the flooring.  This is at times done by a chipping action to create the ruts needed to keep the tiles in form.

  • Pouring in the concrete binder

A grout like mixture is poured onto the floor to set the tiles into. Most of the time, special additives are added to the concrete grout to help keep out moisture from the bottom of the floor and to allow each of the part, the tile and floor to bind to one another.

  • Setting the tiles

The concrete tiles are laid onto the concrete binder and leveled to perfection. In spaces where there is the possibility of water ingress, the tiles are provided with a tilt to one side so as to enable the easy and convenient flow of water to occur.

  • Pointing the tiles

The term pointing the tiles is used to describe the act of putting the filler into the gaps between the tiles and smoothened out to the same level as the original tiles. This process essentially makes a complete level surface to the presentation and helps keep the appearances intact most of the time.

  • Running the leveler

Some uses of the ceramic laying would need a leveler to be run on the surface of the laid tiles. This ensures a completely flat surface which tends to run off the water as well. After tiles have been completely made to run dry, it is then possible to provide a polish to the settings and this is done by using a polisher machine or at times with the use of a rag.


One of the most advantageous situations with the ceramic flooring is that it can be used almost immediately to its laying. Since this type of flooring is considered to be one of the more expensive types, most people do not prefer to use them first hand on a space. With basements done in ceramic flooring, it is quite possible to have a multi-use feature for the space than otherwise.


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