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How Advisable is Matting To Basement Floors

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Very few people use matting to do basement floors as it tends to be messy so to speak. But modern applications of matting have meant that it is possible to have just the right type of mats for every occasion.  In fact the adaptation of technology has meant that it is possible to have mats to cover all needs of the basement flooring.

A key concern with matting was that it was not possible to have a proper binding of the surface most of the time. But things like rubber underside and plastic coatings have meant that matting have out grown the traditional applications most of the time.

Rubber mats

These can be used conveniently to cover just about anywhere in the basement. It has the additional property of having insulating properties like electrical and shock free use too. Rubber mats are not a single piece or a single type of application. It is possible to have high carbon and various other additives to give the mats the right property to use in each instance.

Rubber mats are long lasting for the most parts. One of the most significant parts of the rubber mats is that it does not get affected by vermin and other vectors, which can be a major issue with materials used to cover the basements. Rubber mats can also help with low lying areas that are prone to flooding, for more info on trying to help your basement become less flood prone visit our friends at Basement Water Proofing Systems 


In the very practical sense, carpets are but an adaptation of rubber mats most of the time. The only difference being that there is a soft fabric cover on top of the mat to facilitate the easy use of the material. When it comes to designs possible with the carpets, there is no dearth of choices most of the time.

The carpets usually come in different backing to the fabric. Thus some of the carpets have fabric backing to make it more flexible to use than others.  Carpets are but a soft covering which needs its part of maintenance most of the time. The hard wearing varieties of carpets are more likely to be backed by tough substances than soft fabric as is the case.


The laminates or veneers are made of shaving of wood or plastic materials like linoleum.  They are laid in layers and it is possible to have different hardness to the material by suitably taking the correct choice of the sheets. There are laminates that are heat treated to achieve the kind of hardness required of some of the more used of basements possible.

With laminates, it is possible to have a range of finishes and one of the conveniences as compared to say a ceramic tile is that it can be easily transported to the spot where it needs to be laid rather conveniently.


In the above a brief outlay is done on what constitutes some of the most simple of floor covering for the basements.  But as the use of modern building materials take to new forms, there is bound to be still more options to finishing a floor most of the time.

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